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We are MAC Research.

The New Year has started and we want to try something different by creating this blog. We hope this platform will prove to be informative and provide details of the work we conduct.

We are a pioneering research consultancy, bridging the gap between self-serve (DIY) market research tools and the deficit of skills and time to use these tools. We predict there will be tremdous growth in this sector due to the increased benefits associated with this approach.

Do it together.

Our business approach is to deliver a ‘Do It Together’ model. The lack of know how when it comes to self-serve market research tools, coupled with the restraints on time and budgets, gives us the perfect opportunity to provide expertise where there is a shortfall. We are a research consultancy with an advanced skillset using a multitude of DIY market research tools. Our aim is to provide high quality market research with significant savings on time and cost.

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