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Being agile makes us cost-effective

MAC Research has smart working practices and processes in place, delivering bespoke and intelligent solutions to often complex problems.

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Where we work

We also extend our modern approach to how we work. MAC Research has no permanent office. We encourage staff to spend the majority of their time working at home and we meet up in person on a weekly basis. This is one example of how we manage our costs, enabling us to pass these savings onto our clients.


The additional benefit of this approach is that we are also very environmentally friendly, minimising our carbon footprint.


How we work

Conventional agencies often work in silos with separate teams for field, client service, scripting questionnaires, data processing, charting etc. This not only slows the process down but adds cost and complexity. 


At MAC Research, the same team will be involved in every stage of the process.


Who we work with

We use suppliers who share our values and work in an agile way to reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Our pricing model

Full service

Most of our clients take our full service offering, where we take our sector expertise and apply it to the data to produce precise analysis and reporting, with summaries and recommendations.

Our clients tend to fall in love with our customised interactive dashboards and can’t live without them after that!

MAC Research will tailor its services to your specific requests, please contact us for a quote.

Front-end only

However, some business objectives can be answered easily and simply by data. For example, a claims test where a client simply wants to know which claim is most motivating to the target audience. In this situation we can offer a lower- cost solution with a more basic dashboard and no analysis. You can still apply filters to the data though, if you want to see how the results pan out among a key sub-group.


With both of these options you get the fast turnaround that is in MAC’s DNA – timescales that keep your wider commercial activities on track. 


We don’t have a stock deliverable at MAC, everything is tailored to your requirements, from writing the questionnaire through to the final reporting, so just contact us and we will be happy to talk over your bespoke needs.


“MAC Research is our favourite agency when we need some quick, agile quant research – they are super-fast, flexible and cost-effective.”

Xaviere Dillenseger

Global Consumer & Market Insights Lead, Galderma


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