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Smarter dashboards

Most DIY dashboards are basic, with limited functionality. They have few options for charts, exporting and downloading. Cross tabs can usually be run, but more advanced analytics is not normally possible.

Our founder, Mike, spent several years testing different reporting packages before deciding that Displayr offers the best combination of great functionality and design whilst still being easy to use for clients.

Displayr is a key part of MAC Research as it enables us to deliver faster and better:


Faster – we can get to work on building the dashboard deliverable as soon as the questionnaire is signed off, even before fieldwork has started.

Better – the dashboards look great and are a huge step forward from static PowerPoint. Tracking data can be updated or charts added remotely; users can use the Filter function to analyse the results by subgroups, Explore mode to create bespoke tables and the Export function to download editable charts into PowerPoint, Excel or as a PDF. The dashboards can be shared as a simple web link or with a login.

In short, our clients love our Displayr dashboards!

Click the following images to view our Displayr dashboards
MAC- DB-1.jpg

Demo Dashboard (anonymised data)

MAC- DB-3.jpg

Refurbished Smartphone Market (MAC proprietary data)

MAC- DB-2.jpg

Demo Dashboard (anonymised data)

MAC- DB-4.jpg

Shrinkflation (MAC proprietary data)


“I needed a way to offer clients fast, high-quality research, with user-friendly interfaces that allowed them to dive in and explore their own insights – at an affordable price.


Michael Alborough

Founder & CEO, MAC Smarter Research


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