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Smarter Research

We have spent many years evaluating the technology available in the marketplace for scripting, hosting, sample provision, and reporting before launching MAC Research in 2019.

However, agile tools in themselves will not guarantee a good outcome – they need to be in the hands of experienced research professionals.


At MAC Research, you really will get senior involvement at every stage of the research process.

We know that high-quality, rich, actionable insights are fundamental to any research project but we go further with our interactive, bespoke dashboards.


Clarity comes from...


Smarter Research

Specialisms and experience

Our senior team have extensive client-side experience and we understand the role of both quant and qual research. However, we are quantitative research experts and most of the work we do is quantitative.


We have run hundreds of studies in our careers all around the world. We understand regional nuances and at MAC regularly conduct research in the US, Canada, LATAM, China, Australia, APAC and, of course, the UK and mainland Europe.


At MAC Research we specialise in the following:


Concept testing with full design rigour. Claims/names testing using MaxDiff.


Pricing and Range Optimisation
CBC, Van Westendorp, Gabor Granger, TURF.


Advertising copy testing
We have run many international copy tests testing new ads against a benchmark for the category.


In 2021 we set up a 16-
market, full-service brand equity tracker for a global client across Europe, North America, LATAM, and APAC. Switching to MAC Research enabled the client to double the number of markets covered within the existing budget, while the dashboards continue to delight the numerous end users.


For qualitative research needs we partner with trusted qual specialists for online or face-to-face focus groups, individual depth interviews, bulletin boards etc.


In 2021 we ran a year long qual-quant B2B community among mechanics and independent workshop owners in the UK and Spain for a global client.

As well as a regular monthly quantitative survey on a different topic each time, the community required regular focus groups and individual depth interviews throughout the year, covering a range of innovation and attitudinal topics.


A great success, the community gave the client greater depth of understanding to help inform decisions on the development of potential new services.


“Very good value, very quick, delivered on a really great dashboard and our expectations were well exceeded in terms of the insight and thought put into the project.”

Holly Whelan

Co-Founder, Younger Lives


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