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MAC Research community & team building

Over the last few years, we at MAC Research have taken pride in watching our business not only survive but thrive in what we can all say have been trying times. It is over this turbulent period that our team has seen the addition of several new faces helping us drive our growth ever upwards, working closely together despite usually being in the same room only once a week. That’s why we organised our first MAC team-building day in Brighton, providing an opportunity for us to all meet face to face and create strong bonds with our colleagues on a more personal level.

In the morning we all donned our MAC Research T-shirts, and with litter pickers and bin bags in hand, we made our way to the beach for a clean-up, targeting the busiest areas. It was lovely to spend a few hours in the sun whilst helping out the community and creating a safer environment for all. We also managed to tie this in with a refreshing dip in the sea!

In the afternoon, we engaged in some fun training activities for our junior staff, splitting into different groups to work on a series of challenging research briefs to help develop critical thinking and presentation skills. This was an ideal learning environment where our senior staff – all of whom have worked client-side – shared their feedback on the proposals during the lively discussion that followed.

The day was punctuated by some delicious food of various cuisines including a sharing-style lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant as homage to our Greek colleague Elina, and a more formal dinner at a local brasserie. Afterwards, we explored some of the cool backstreets of Brighton, stopping off for cocktails along the way!

We are currently hiring, so if you want to join our lovely MAC team, please check out our LinkedIn job postings page for regular updates!



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